A Writing Bed of One's Own

A few weeks ago, we received notice that we have to move out of our home. It has been a stressful, exciting time, full of things to do. One of the top items on my list? Find a writing bed.

Early on, when I started writing novels, I realized that I needed to write in bed. The process felt so difficult, so intimidating, but when I started writing in bed, I relaxed. Writing a novel continues to be challenging, but somehow writing in bed comforts me, especially when I have a cat by my side.

In our previous home, I wrote in our bedroom. I ended up writing my first three novels in that bed. But when we moved, the house came with a bed. My husband moved that bed into my office. Now he could nap in solitude, without a writer in creative process at his side. And I did love having my own bed in my work space, where I could look out and see Isabella, the tree who watches over all my writing.

When we found out we had to move again, I knew I would have to leave this bed behind. But we found a house that came fully furnished. We had two extra beds that we could claim as our own. Unfortunately, neither would work as my writing bed. My office in this house is cozy. It's the perfect private place to conjure up dreams. But a queen-sized bed will not fit there. I needed a bed for a nook.

This week, a kindly neighbor stepped up and offered me her twin bed with a frame. I wasn't sure if I would like it, but when we went over to see it, I gazed upon it with wonder. The bed screams magic. While I studied it, my neighbor's cat strolled over and nuzzled my ankles. That sealed it. This was the bed to write further talking-cat fantasies.

Do you have a special writing place? I would love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments.