Hopefully, Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting.

We moved.

They say that moving is one of the top stressors that one can experience. They include it among death and divorce, which doesn’t seem quite right to me, but moving does shake up your world. We moved in a week ago. After two days, the toilets were on the fritz, and I locked myself out of the house, and had to climb through a garage window. Things still aren’t settled. And I have more work than I have had for a long time. Now I’m not complaining. How can I when I look out my window and see beautiful trees? (Oswald and Leroy and Brenda and Solomon) I wanted to really work hard right now because my sequel to The Loudest Meow, The Sharpest Claw, is coming out this fall (probably September) and I wanted to have the money to finance an audiobook, narrated by the incomparable Kae Denino, to accompany the launch. So it' looks like it’s going to happen, which is cause for general celebration. (If you would like to hear a sample of Kae’s narration on The Loudest Meow, please click here.)

So the house is beautiful. I’m sleeping well. I’m working my butt off. I am doing what I need to be doing, and I’m longing for that hour of down time where I write and imagine. I have a new writing bed in my new office. It’s sitting there, waiting for me. I think I will be embarking on The Deepest Growl starting in August.

It makes me nervous not to write. It makes me jumpy. I miss it so much my skin itches. But I need to take care of obligations and dreams. I hope all is well with you. Best.