The Sharpest Claw

My latest book, The Sharpest Claw: A Talking Cat Fantasy, is now available on Amazon. It is the second book of the Cats of the Afterlife series. Here’s the blurb:

Kittens are evil.

At least that's what Jem, a calico cat, thought. And she had proof. In the afterlife, she had watched kittens take over what used to be her home on earth, claiming her people and her cat companion, her best friend ever.

It wasn't right. In fact it was dangerous. These kittens were two-faced, violent, manipulative, and cunning. They had fooled everyone else into believing they were adorable. Only Jem knew the truth. But how could she convince the others? How could she make sure these kittens got their rightful comeuppance?

Witness the epic battle of wills between a calico cat and a pair of kittens in Book 2 of the Cats of the Afterlife series.

You can find more information information about this book and others that I wrote here.