On Writing and The Loudest Meow

For today's post, I thought I would link a presentation/reading I made at the Wild Rose in Jamestown, California. (The writer sitting patiently beside me is Matt Peller from the Sonora Writers Group, a wonderful person and writer.) If you haven't read The Loudest Meow: A Talking Cat Fantasy, it will give you an opportunity to hear some of it. You can also hear some of my thoughts on being a writer. I love going out in the world and talking about being a writer because it's brought so much joy to my life. I find there's always one or a few writers in the audience who want to talk, and I try my best to listen and support their dreams.

My husband and I moved to Sonora, California a year ago, and one of the smartest things I was to join the Sonora Writers Group. It's wonderful to know other writers in your community. The writing life is a particular kind of existence that not many can relate to. It's nice to sit in a room once a month with other writers and hear what they had to say and share information and work. We are fortunate to have a president, Jill Klajic-Ryan, who is always booking us into events and helping us get known in our town. I wouldn't be at this event without Jill and the Sonora Writers Group.

So I hope you enjoy the clip. Happy trails until next week.(