This past week I heard this episode on Mark Dawson's Self Publishing Formula podcast about Pinterest and marketing. I also downloaded this free e-book that came about as a result of this podcast. I basically decided to give Pinterest a try.

I ended up creating four boards, two dedicated to books I had written (Joy Returns! And Kate and the Horses), a book in the works (The Loudest Meow), and one I'm dreaming about (Here Comes the Kittens!). They're inspiration boards with images that celebrate things in the books. Sometimes an image will look like a character. Sometimes they remind me of a trait in a character or a theme or something that's important to one of the characters. Sometimes it has to do with place or mood. I can already see how it will help my writing in the future. Finding an image makes me remember forgotten details. The pictures take me to task, reminding me of things that I need to explain and clarify and show the reader to help deepen the story.

In this time, I discovered how much I love working on Pinterest. If I could, I would like to devote entire days to Pinterest. I already spent much more time than I had planned this past week on Pinterest. I just kept thinking of more images that I wanted to see. I built up these four boards and decided they were all wrong, deleted everything, and started again. Here's where you can find my current boards.

This time I think I'm on the right track. There is much more to do, but I think it's a good start. You can look and see what you think. If you are on Pinterest, let me know, so I can check out your boards, too.