My New Space

Apologies for missing a week here.

We moved, and one thing that I've discovered throughout this process is I've wanted to imagine that moving is no big deal and that I could proceed along with my normal routine, and that just simply did not happen. Will I have amnesia again before our next move? I think maybe that's the only way that we can do it.

When you move, you are given the opportunity to reimagine how you will live. In this new house, the owners left behind a bed. Mike's first instinct was to tell them to take it out, but I said that I wanted it in my office. I have always loved to write in bed. Now I can get out of our bedroom and write in my office from my own bed.

There are other things that I've put in my new office this week:

I have one of Mike's framed prints of the ocean. When I was young, I loved my time in the ocean. At our previous home, we were twenty minutes away from my old friend. It's important to me to always be near the ocean in some way

I have an amazing new bed reading pillow. It's really a wonderful support to have if you like to write in bed.

I have a piece of cat furniture that we call the Crow's Nest by the window so the cats can visit and look out  at the world.

I have a Tigger key chain on my desk to remind me of the part of me that is silly and joyous.

I have a Beanie baby of an orange cat to remind me of my sweet, loving Pumpkin.

I have a rock with a calico cat painted on it to remind me of my original muse.

The Chicago Manual of Style calls to me from the bookshelf.

I'm going to put a horseshoe over my threshold, ends up, in honor of my character, Kate, from Kate and the Horses.

I will need something about a piano in here somewhere for Joy Returns! It will not be a piano. It won't fit. And at some point in life, you have to make choices. I now make my music by typing on keyboards.

This is a work in progress. There's still so much to do. But I believe that our writing/work spaces are so important. Are there things that you have to have? Feel free to comment below.