A Writing Refuge

Happy Holidays!

Mike gave me a tremendous gift this year. He bought me a heated mattress pad for my writing bed. He hung up pictures on the walls of my office—a collection of owls, so smart, aware, and fierce; a horse in motion; the ocean showing off its waves; a road lined with trees in fall foliage; a black-and-white cat sitting in a window, staring at me, reminding me to try my best to get it right. Now I sit down to write and work, and I'm surrounded by images that mean so much to me. I'm toasty warm. When I walk into my office, I feel even more that I am in my cave, where, of course, cats are welcome. And with an electric blanket and a heated mattress pad, they visit often. With these changes, I have fallen more deeply in love with my office. What do you have in your work space that makes it so welcoming to you?