Audiobooks and the Loudest Meow

Greetings, everyone,

I’m sorry this post is so late this week, but I’ve been immersed in a campaign. I am working with Indiegogo to raise money to create an audiobook of my latest novel, The Loudest Meow.

I believe that audiobooks are going to be very important in our reading life in the future. Even now, I love to “read” books by listening. I know in talking with people at book events that many share my feelings about this. So my goal is to eventually have all of my novels also available as audiobooks.

I have chosen a great company, Findaway Voices. I have selected a very talented narrator. I think the end result will knock everyone’s socks off. If you are able to help and have the inclination to do so, please visit my Indiegogo page. There’s wonderful gifts offered there and more information about why this is so important to me. Thank you very much.