Hello and welcome.

There's so much I want to write about here. I want to showcase books that have been important to me as a writer. In addition, as someone who loves movies and TV, I would like to bring up shows and films I've seen and discuss how the characterization or the story structure or the themes made me think. As a writer, I continue to study craft, and that will be part of the discussion here. There will also be posts on people who have inspired me to live a creative life. And I plan to write about the nuts and bolts of my writing life, how I set up my practice and the processes I use to go from an idea to a book, in the hopes that it can help another writer who has always dreamed of writing a novel. I will also be including my thoughts and resources on independent publishing, as that is the path that I chose to follow.

Cats will probably also sneak in at times. My cats have been very important muses for my work.

So that's the menu. Let's dig in.