Follow your dreams through books.


I am the author of three coming-of-age novels, one of which is in the form of a talking-cat fantasy. I hope to write many more of these books. I love this genre because it hits close to home. It took me an incredibly long time to grow up. There are ways in which I'm still not there. So I'm drawn to flawed dreamers with a desire to change. This is what I seek out when I read or go see a movie or watch a television show. Action scenes easily annoy me. I always want to see the moments where characters talk to each other and figure something out. And, if characters sing and dance, they get bonus points. If there's also an animal in the story, I will most likely read the book three times, binge watch the series, and own the movie.

When I told people that I was a writer, I noticed that people would sometimes seem less enthusiastic when they heard that I was writing books for children. Writing books for adults often seems more prestigious in the eyes of others. And I understand it. Believe me, I have heard the jokes about adults reading the Harry Potter series, the insinuation that this is a childish thing to do, and, frankly, I first dearly hoped that writing these particular books would be something that I would get out of my system as a beginning novelist before I ventured into creating more serious literature in the future.

But I had to write Joy Returns! I needed to write this book about this girl and her piano. In order to write in this genre, I knew I had to study coming-of-age novels. So I returned to the books that I loved as a child. When I made this journey back, I was afraid that I would no longer find the magic that I remembered, but these books have retained their power. After that, some horses haunted me, and then I made a promise to a dying cat that I would honor her memory by imagining her in the afterlife. Books continue to call to me in this genre, and I will happily listen and gather the stories as best I can, with the hope that children and adults will enjoy what I do.

On my site, you will find more information about me and my work. I also intend to write about people who have inspired me, books I love, resources that have helped me, and writing ideas that I have used for my practice, always with the caveat that each writer is different. You have to dig deep into your own soul to find out what works for you, but I will gladly share what I've discovered for myself. Welcome.



All photography provided by Michael Sweeney